About the Code Black Group

Why is Code Black called Code Black? We are using the power of technology to study exploitation and inequality (and African Americans in particular). Code Black Group is intent on preparing people of all races (though with a focus on African Americans) to make their way through capitalism and to inform about race and class issues as well as health and political issues in a fun and interactive way. Follow Code Black on Facebook and Reddit

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Mike Johnson Jr

The Founder, Audioburn, or Mike Johnson Jr. has been passionate about black issues for years since he went from living in an affluent neighborhood to going to a local college in inner city Dallas and also experiencing poverty himself first-hand. Mike delves especially deep into the topic of race in hopes to raise awareness and to possibly find a "cure" to racism once and for all. These are high hopes indeed but for a worthy cause.

Founder Social Description
Michael Johnson Jr mikejohnsonjr.com Mike Johnson Jr’s background is in data science, interactive data visualization, geospatial analysis, enterprise system development and web application development. Throughout Michael’s 4 year career, he has been optimizing processes for businesses in the market research and real estate industries. Interested in discovering patterns that humans make, he spends much of his time gathering, crunching, analyzing, and visualizing data on the web. In his free time, Michael is a data journalist and musician, easily found researching, analyzing and visualizing humanitarian topics and composing pop-rock / soul music.