By: Mike Johnson Jr

Date Created: July 25, 2016, 9:50 p.m.

In this study we rank the success of African American counties in the U.S based on % Black-owned firms, Median Household Income, and % Black population. The success ratio is the very simple equation (% Black-owned firms) x (Median Household Income)  / 10e5. So for example, a town with 30% black owned firms, $50,000 median household income would have a success ratio of 1.5.

Prince George's County comes in 1st with a success ratio of 4.01. The county has a median household income of $73623, has 54.4% of its firms as black-owned, and 65.1% of its population is black. The ticks are a bit hard to see because there is so much data, but the topmost bar is PG County, right above Charles County.

Here is the raw data used for this visualization, as csv:

Primary Data Source: